All the answers your helpdesk engineers need are hidden in the mountains of siloed data you’ve collected. With CrushBank Ask, those technicians can quickly and easily uncover the answers they are searching for by simply entering natural language questions into the system.

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Ask Natural-Language Questions

With the power of our AI engine, the most relevant results from an unlimited number of systems are ranked and returned in hierarchical order (based on AI confidence) in seconds. Best of all, the system literally learns from each interaction with your data and aggregates total experiences to improve response quality, returning answers faster and more accurately over time.

When your workers sat side-by-side for 8 hours a day, they could easily lean over and get assistance or a retrospective on an account but with high turnover and remote, 24/7 workforces, engineers can no longer count on a team member or backstory being available.

With Ask, they can simply type their question into the box and the system returns documents from across your enterprise segmented by source or file type. Ask interacts so seamlessly and quickly with the underlying CrushBank database that users will perceive no delay in obtaining the answers they need to maintain productive operations.

Capitalize on Your Institutional Knowledge

CrushBank provides maximum value when it is loaded with your company’s custom knowledge, documentation, account information, and historic issues. In an instant, CrushBank allows you to cross reference industry knowledge with your own custom data. This gives your team the ability to interpret and identify unique connections and external solutions never before possible.

Supports Popular Content Types

CrushBank has built-in support for a wide range of the documents you use today to store critical configuration, process and procedure information. Our custom software agent makes it as simple as entering a file directory in the user interface and all your files are ingested, dissected and available for use for training and learning.

File types currently supported in the application: Microsoft Word, Excel, and OneNote, Adobe PDF and all HTML files

Seamless Integration (API) with ITSM and Helpdesk Solutions

You have spent years building a knowledge architecture to track and support customers; CrushBank leverages that knowledge with a simple API integration. CrushBank offers seamless integration with other MSP/ITSM Helpdesk software including ConnectWise and can pull all document types from your ConnectWise database as part of our ConnectWise integration.

Technological Information at Your Fingertips

CrushBank deploys with more than 1 million technical manuals, textbooks, product releases, blogs, spec sheets, white papers, case studies and best practice documents to provide faster access to the common questions and scenarios your engineers deal with every day. With CrushBank, your team is just a few keystrokes away from the answers they need. Plus, with each query performed, CrushBank is continually learning how best to access and serve up the information your engineers and support personnel need to get the job done.

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