IT experts have long envisioned a ‘perfect world’ where every MSP could gather historical data — documents, interactions, tickets and more — into a single resource and use technology to find and make connections that lead to meaningful guidance, backed by actual customer data.

INSIGHT Screen Capture

Gain Insight to Mountains of Historical Customer Data

CrushBank Insight allows technical support organizations to finally deliver true strategic direction to their customers by turning all of the fractured experiences in their systems into intellectual property and functioning advice.

CrushBank starts by ingesting an MSPs entire interactive data set (tickets, time entries and more) into the Watson AI engine. Next, Insight goes through a process we call enrichment where we analyze then classify each datapoint by key concept (root cause) and by customer and engineering sentiment (client satisfaction). In a matter of seconds, we can create functional reports to drive internal decision making.

Because Insight can analyze customer sentiment by any filtered resource (engineer, customer, technology, region, and more), reporting begins with an organization-wide view of MSP customers portrayed in a heat map where popular topics are highlighted over time. Filter on your ITSM data by customer or problem to uncover themes in IT topics and customer sentiment over time. Drill down further for details at the individual technician or user level. Use the resulting data to make decisions about helpdesk staffing levels, required engineer training, customer priorities and even to level set pricing.

With any other tool, businesses remain trapped in the endless cycle of ‘guess-resolve-repair,’ with their IT departments engaged in perennial firefighting. With Insight, they gain access to a rich understanding based on the greatest possible pool of input – their own data.

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