CrushBank deploys with more than 1 million technical manuals, textbooks, product releases, blogs, spec sheets, white papers, case studies and best practice documents to provide faster access to the common questions and scenarios your engineers deal with every day. With CrushBank, your team is just a few keystrokes away from the answers they need. Plus, with each query performed, CrushBank is continually learning how best to access and serve up the information your engineers and support personnel need to get the job done.



CrushBank provides maximum value when it is loaded with your company’s custom knowledge, documentation, account information, and historic issues. In an instant, CrushBank allows you to cross reference industry knowledge with your own custom data. This gives your team the ability to interpret and identify unique connections and external solutions never before possible.


CrushBank has built-in support for a wide range of the documents you use today to store critical configuration, process and procedure information. Our custom software agent makes it as simple as entering a file directory in the user interface and all your files are ingested, dissected and available for use for training and learning.

File types currently supported in the application:
Microsoft Word, Excel, and OneNote • All HTML files • Adobe PDF

CrushBank will also pull these document types from your ConnectWise database as part of our customer integration with ConnectWise.



CrushBank offers seamless integration with other MSP/ITSM Helpdesk software. You have spent years building a knowledge architecture to track and support customers; CrushBank leverages that knowledge with a simple API integration.


All the answers your team needs, hiding in the mountains of siloed data you’ve collected.

ASK Screen Capture
CrushBank Ask creates a direct interface for technicians to query our AI engine to bring you the most relevant result from an unlimited number of systems. A configuration, a PDF, a file from SharePoint or a previous ticket entry from a peer; CrushBank will rank and return the information based on AI confidence, then learn from the interaction and improve the responses over time. With workers no longer sitting next to each other 8 hours a day, CrushBank allows your team to aggregate their total experiences and return answers faster and more accurately than ever before. 50% of a technician’s time is spent just looking for information. With CrushBank Ask, it doesn’t have to be this way.


The information is all right there. It’s what makes your company uniquely valuable to a customer; you just need to unlock it.

INSIGHT Screen Capture
Ask helps you in the moment, CrushBank Insight helps you avoid the moment. With CrushBank’s Text analytics powered by IBM’s revolutionary Natural Language Processing capabilities, and the custom domain-specific models we have built, Insight takes the entirety of you client interactive data set (tickets, time entries, etc.) and classifies them by key concept (root Cause) and by customer and engineering sentiment (client satisfaction). This creates objective metrics for customer success and trends, and classification by actual root cause, not by initial client or triage “guess.” This also provides the ability to analyze customer sentiment by any filtered resource (engineer, customer, technology, region, etc.) and, in a matter of seconds, create functional reports that can drive internal decision making or lead customer road maps that would otherwise take hours to compose and even at that, would only be as good as the data classification created by a triage resource. Insight allows for technical organizations to finally deliver true guidance to customers by turning all of the fractured experiences in your systems into functioning advice and Intellectual Property.


If I could just start on 3rd Base…

RESOLVE Screen Capture
With Resolve, that’s the case. Simply select the ticket that has been assigned to you, click “work on ticket” and CrushBank returns the best information for your assignment from the cross section of available resources. Previous tickets, configurations, setup guides and SOPs are returned in ranked order from any number of systems provided (ITSMs, SharePoint and other document management systems). A separate view allows for ranking of public content (Microsoft Docs, Stack Exchange and more). Resolve takes the content from the ticket title and the summary notes to formulate a query of the data set and then returns the most relevant documents in a matter of seconds. Every ticket worked based on the complete set of available information by a machine, in a matter of seconds; by the time the engineer engages, a complete picture has been painted and its simply time to leverage your skills and solve the issue. Resolve is like giving every technical employee an administrative assistant.