In a rapid-fire work environment, it pays for support engineers to be three steps ahead of the next question, the next ticket entry and the next support call.

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Get Resolution to Questions Before You Ask Them

CrushBank Resolve was purpose-built to help IT support teams respond more quickly and completely to user assistance requests and streamline the help desk workflow. Engineers view all of the tickets from their ITSM in a CrushBank dashboard. When the engineer opens a ticket the “ask” has already been done for them. Resolve has already searched for the best information among all available resources — from ITSMs and SharePoint to prior support tickets, setup guides, SOPs and more — and displays those results in ranked order, (with a separate view enabling ranking of public content, i.e. Microsoft documents and Stack Exchange).
Resolve takes the content from the ticket title and the summary notes to formulate a query of the data set and then uses that data to return the most relevant documents in a matter of seconds. Every ticket can be worked based on the complete set of available information by a machine, in a matter of seconds; by the time the engineer engages CrushBank Resolve and selects a ticket to work on, a complete picture has been painted and its simply time to leverage their skills and solve the customer issue.
Unlike Ask, where a tech moves to a separate window and types in a question or request, Resolve eliminates the step and immediately queries the system on its own. Technicians enjoy a much faster and more accurate query while Resolve boosts user adoption by eliminating the “remember to use CrushBank” step for techs.

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