Why Watson?

IBM Watson is a cognitive (thinking) technology that processes information more like a human being than a computer. Watson uses natural language and learns as you use it to generate answers based on evidence. Watson is a natural extension of what humans can do at their best. CrushBank leverages this advanced technology to transform your help desk.

Artificial Intelligence

We are Not Just a Search

Hypothesis Generation

CrushBank rapidly analyzes unstructured data for relevance and generates a highly intelligent response to queries.

Natural Language Processing

CrushBank recognizes and understands natural language. This capability allows it to function faultlessly despite the lack of organization found in as much as 80 percent of data today.

Machine Learning

CrushBank learns on the job. With consistent use, CrushBank gets to know customers, systems, and nuances through user feedback, successes and failures.

IBM Watson: Where CrushBank Leverages Cognition

Born of a service-ticketing solution developed by two IT managed services experts, CrushBank is the first IT Help Desk application built on Watson, IBM’s breakthrough cognitive technology. With Watson, CrushBank can help your employees enhance, scale and accelerate their knowledge faster than ever before possible.

Watson uses cognition, also known as reasoning or awareness, to learn the way people learn — through a four-step process: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide.

Observe | Interpret | Evaluate | Decide


Watson is the first computing system not limited by data volume or memory. It captures information from millions of unstructured documents in mere seconds.

Interpret and Evaluate

Watson pre-processes information to make its use more efficient. After relevant data is collected, a human expert trains Watson to interpret the information. This interpretation reveals patterns, connections, and insights often unimaginable before Watson.


Watson revolutionizes the way people make decisions. It expands knowledge and allows different industries to share expertise. Watson discovers previously unknown answers and patterns faster than any person or group ever could.

The Experience of CrushBank... The Power of Watson

The immense power of Watson, coupled with the more than 20 years’ IT Support Services experience of CrushBank, will revolutionize your help desk or support service. According to IBM Watson, it’s been shown that 80% of all data today is unstructured. This creates unorganized working environments resulting in slower and more inaccurate solutions, and ultimately frustrated employees and customers. With CrushBank, organization, intelligence, and speed will provide for optimal results for everyone. Every help desk employee is now your best employee. Even better, every customer experience is their best experience.

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