Integrate the data you want, on your own timeline

CrushBank can auto categorize data and ticket types for your core system as well as for the companies you acquire, lets you build a consistent method of categorization, and historically recategorize tickets as well.

Overcome tool fatigue

Getting to one single perfect system is hard. With CrushBank’s AI Engine, your data only gets smarter over time, making it easier to leverage in other systems.

Deliver a seamless customer experience

CrushBank searches the unstructured data, yet presents the metadata, allowing an engineer to see whether a client calling in is from location A, B or C, thus recreating that intimacy.

Empower your teams

The most painful leakage for ITSMs is the loss of technical talent with IT support roles turning over at 46% per year. By simplifying workflows and allowing them to spend less time searching, their satisfaction and retention will be higher.

Keep and Access All Your Data, But Stop Paying for Inactive Platforms

Save money by capturing all the data from acquired systems while decommissioning the platforms at your desired pace. Employees still have access to all the data they need, through a single interface.


Maintain and Grow Customer Service Levels

Engineers can keep their level of knowledge and understanding of clients' environments by retaining access to all historical data. Clients are not exposed to any gaps in data or event history.

Create Smart Data To Drive Your Integrations, Analytics And More

Increase your data leverage by standardizing across acquisitions and even run the numbers on a target acquisition against your own at LOI stage. Enrichen the data with AI-driven insights. Use it inside other SaaS platforms to help engineers, management and clients.