Automate the categorization of your ticket data

CrushBank allows technical support organizations to finally deliver true strategic direction to their customers by turning all of the fractured experiences in their systems into intellectual property and functioning advice.

Bring everything into one view

The CrushBank AI Engine starts by ingesting entire interactive data set (tickets, time entries and more). Next, it goes through a process of enrichment where it analyzes then classifies each datapoint by key concept (root cause) and by customer and engineering sentiment (client satisfaction). In a matter of seconds, it can create functional reports to drive internal decision making.

Automate Ticket Budgeting

When new help desk tickets are created, managers generally have no way of determining how long the ticket will take to resolve. CrushBank’s Auto Budgeting determines how much time a new ticket should take to be resolved based on an algorithm fed by past similar tickets.

Client Self Service

Some tickets the client submits have the ability to be resolved by the end user. These types of tickets add to the MSP’s ticket load and costs instead of not being submitted at all. CrushBank Answer allows the MSPs to designate client facing content that will automatically be sent to their clients when certain types of tickets are opened, if they are related to their issue.

Solve the Problem of Useful Information Buried in Emails

Many times technicians will collaborate regarding a ticket over email and the information can be very valuable to future troubleshooting, but it becomes difficult or impossible to find that information again. The CrushBank Microsoft Outlook add-in ingest the contents of an email so this is searchable in CrushBank for future tickets.

Help Your People Work Smarter

MSPs use a variety of documentation systems, but configuration details stored inside can be hard to find. CrushBank ingests the details into the AI Engine to be surfaced when relevant.

Figure Out What’s Working and What’s Not

Connect CrushBank to your ITSM and start gaining valuable insight about everything from employee productivity to end user satisfaction. More easily identify your best performers, your biggest support headaches and your greatest opportunities to improve customer service.