CrushBank offers a Universal API that allows you to seamlessly integrate data from various systems, databases, and platforms into the Al Engine for ease of search and discovery. This eliminates the need for custom integration methods for each different system. It's secure, scalable and fast.


What sort of systems are typically connected to the CrushBank API?
You can ingest any data you want from any source. Examples include other external SaaS systems where you can access the source data via API or csv data dump. Some examples include Salesforce, JIRA, and FreshDesk. Also, any SQL or non-SQL based systems where you can extract the data via a direct connection.
Is the data encrypted?
You control the encryption when you connect to our API and pass the data.
Is there a limit on throughput?
There is no current limit on the throughput
Is there any limit to the amount of data that can be transferred?
Not currently.
How regularly can the import of data be scheduled?
You control the schedule of when you want to ingest data.
Is any field mapping required?
Is the imported data immediately available?
There will be a slight delay for ingesting 1 record. The more records you ingest, the more delay there will be. (eg. 1 record = minimal delay, 100K records = increased delay)