Increase tickets closed per technician by 20%

Technicians are presented with previously unsearchable information for tickets, configs and docs. Our AI understands the issue and displays information to assist in the resolution from previous service tickets, knowledge base articles, third party documents and more.

Cut ticket escalations by half

Technicians can fix many more problems themselves using the information presented to them by the CrushBank AI Engine, avoiding the need for escalations to more expensive resources. Those higher-level engineers can focus their time on the most challenging problems.

Improve client satisfaction

Reduce a technician’s time on a ticket by 50%, as most of the time is spent on searching for information that may or may not exist. Improve client intimacy by providing information concerning their environment and previous tickets.

Make new technicians impactful immediately

New technicians take several weeks and months to onboard. We shorten that lifespan significantly, as they do not need to learn where data is stored or to be trained on multiple systems. Our AI allows them to review past tickets for the same issues that were successfully resolved in the past.

Hiring more people is not the answer

Turnover is averaging more than 35%, salary costs are increasing by 20% or higher, workforces are becoming distributed and customers’ needs are increasingly complex.

To address these issues without simply increasing headcount, you need to better leverage your support team. With CrushBank, technicians are presented with all relevant information for solving the client’s problem, on a single screen.

Get Resolution to Questions Before You Ask Them

The CrushBank AI Engine was purpose-built to help IT support teams respond more quickly and completely to user assistance requests and streamline the help desk workflow. Engineers view all of the tickets from their ITSM in a CrushBank dashboard.

Solve problems faster

CrushBank gives you access to every relevant answer to every system inside your existing workflow, before you even know what you are looking for. All your techs need to do is look! CrushBank streamlines help-desk operations resulting in fewer escalations to Level 2 and above.