ICYMI: CrushBank recently held a webinar entitled Reset Your Expectations Around AI which aimed to disprove misconceptions around the use of AI alongside helpful knowledge on how to harness its true potential in order to benefit its users. You may access the full recording below.

Through real world answers from CrushBank CEO Evan Leonard and CTO David Tan, the webinar highlighted how AI is not a miracle tool, but rather an instrument that needs to be trained and governed in order to maximize the data we have onhand and use it to bring your company into the future.

Watch now: https://zoom.us/rec/share/kkXBzcJap9HcLLfJHzPlc6D-OTpEd-nCdKL2YB9aQF2q-OaHwGiSGoHf56phJqiB.dYEHnPI6ts7B6SEe

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