July 2023: Unlocking the Power of AI

CrushBank releases a new algorithm for better and faster search results.

CrushBank releases a new algorithm of its AI Knowledge Management System that is even more powerful with improved technical and search capabilities.  We were able to accomplish the improved functionality largely by gathering and acting on extensive client feedback. The focus of the improvement is based on how we are ingesting, storing and analyzing the information.

Introducing Universal API

CrushBank’s Universal Ingestion API now offers you the availability to bring in all of your data, no matter where it lives, using CrushBank’s REST API.


CrushBank no longer requires a native API to ingest all the requisite source data required to best serve your clients and team members.

With CrushBank’s Universal Ingestion API, you’ll have SDK customization capabilities to customize your source data leveraging the following endpoints:

• Integrations
• Tickets
• CRMs
• Configurations
• Documents

Do you leverage a CRM independent of your PSA for your sales and marketing teams?

CrushBank can ingest that CRM source data, perhaps contacts or locations, and make them accessible in our multisystem AI search engine.

Do you support vertical specific Line of Business applications?

CrushBank enables you to ingest that critical LOB information, structuring it and making it searchable and accessible to your team members.

Learn more about how to engage and set-up CrushBank’s Universal Ingestion API to meet your comprehensive data sourcing requirements.

Leveraging AI and Creating Value: CrushBank Shares Focus in Six Five CXO Interview

Gain valuable insights from CrushBank CRO Brian Mullaney's live interview at the IBM Think event. Brian discusses the company's partnership with IBM and their pioneering AI Knowledge Management solutions, as well as future plans to leverage generative AI and develop content creation and optimization features into the platform.