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Use AI to Resolve Questions Inside ConnectWise Before You Ask Them

CTO David Tan demonstrates the power of operating our fully integrated CrushBank solution inside ConnectWise. The link to the recording is below.

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In a rapid-fire work environment, it pays for support engineers to be three steps ahead of the next question, the next ticket entry and the next support call. Wouldn’t you like to use Artificial intelligence (AI) to help them get there? Watch the recording above to see how it works inside ConnectWise Manage to:

· Harvest decades of learning across the siloed data stores in your organization and obtain the best answer quickly

· Use machine learning optimized search and best practices to locate and return documents at the highest confidence level

· Identify the best information among all available resources — from PSAs and document management systems to prior support tickets, setup guides, SOPs and more — then display those results in ranked order. Wherever your data is, CrushBank will find it.

· Display all of the answers inside ConnectWise Manage before the question is asked, eliminating the need to look elsewhere and vastly streamlining helpdesk workflow

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