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CrushBank to launch and showcase the first IT Help-Desk application built on

IBM’s Watson across industry Leading IT Conferences in the upcoming months


SYOSSET, NY, July 27, 2017: With much anticipation, CRUSHBANK, the company that prides itself on creating the world’s most intelligent help-desk, has announced its launch through exhibiting their IT help-desk application at select premier IT Conferences over the next 6-12 months.

CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application to be built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM. Watson uses “cognition”, the process of acquiring knowledge, to think, learn and inform decisions the same way your engineers and support teams do. CrushBank combines best-practice documentation with your proprietary content to provide invaluable insight. The system ingests large volumes of unstructured data, reads and understands it, and uses machine learning to find the right answers to your questions instantly. Simply put, CrushBank streamlines your help-desk by allowing you to resolve more issues faster, and requiring less escalation to Level 2 and above. End users are more satisfied with an increase in first-call resolution.


Throughout the upcoming IT Conferences, CrushBank will be demonstrating the product and speaking with hundreds of IT professionals to further educate and reveal the power behind the product that is taking the technology industry by storm.


For more information about CrushBank, please email or call 516-802-7200. All IT Conference attendees are encouraged to visit CrushBank at the appropriate booth during their exhibiting hours.


“Launching CrushBank at these premier IT Conferences presents a great opportunity for IT personnel to understand the industry changing benefits CrushBank has to offer.” Says David Tan, Chief Technology Officer. “Within an ever-changing and growing technology industry, CrushBank is a powerful solution that will, without a doubt, transform and supercharge the way your help-desk staff operate, and you will get to see first-hand how amazing that is.”



CrushBank was created by the owners of a Managed Services Provider with over 20 years of IT experience. The first of its kind, CrushBank is as valuable for a 5-person team as it is for a Fortune 500 company.

It is our Mission to enable Internal Help Desks, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Enterprises/Corporations to create a faster time to resolution, improve customer satisfaction, maintain control of your intellectual property and increase profitability by spending less time searching for answers, and more time finding solutions.

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