Unlock the power of your data and enjoy
turnkey operational intelligence across your organization.

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Fort Lauderdale,

Experience the Premier AI Platform
Purpose-Built for IT Support

The IT Support Experts

CrushBank is the first platform to leverage AI for cognitive IT support, disrupting the global IT support business, upending traditional thinking about ITSM solutions, and forever changing the way businesses resolve IT issues.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Data is the most powerful asset of your business, yet 80% is unstructured and effectively unsearchable. CrushBank leverages its revolutionary technology to bring order to the chaos of historical ticketing and other resources across platforms and straight to your fingertips.

Take Your Business Intelligence to the Next Level

Discover and implement a workflow that works for your business’ unique needs. With automated classification and easy access to your data, Crushbank effectively optimizes your business’ speed to resolution and increases your productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Creating Profit and Efficiency in an Inflationary World

A breakout session by CrushBank co-Founder Brian Mullaney
2pm | Friday, September 23

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Born from the frustration over inefficiencies in operating a managed IT service business, CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM seeking to forever change the way we resolve IT issues.