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  • I’ve experienced CrushBank providing customer insight and technical knowledge that is just not available in traditional systems.
    All Covered
  • On multiple occasions people have said CrushBank should be our employee of the month for the amount of time it has helped save.
    Liberty Technology
  • The onboarding process with CrushBank went very smoothly. The team accurately integrated our tools into the product. The technicians asked the right questions to ensure that we got the integrations that we wanted.
  • The biggest things that I'm excited about are the ticket classifier and ticket budgeter. Being able to put averages on things like PC deployments and see what the outliers are and where we might need training from engineers, or where a ticket went awry that took too long, are really keys for us moving forward.
    Visual Edge
  • “CrushBank gives our frontline engineers on the help desk the ability to solve customer problems faster. It helps us close say an extra ticket a day per engineer.”
    NovaTech, Inc.
  • We can integrate CrushBank across all our current systems and solve problems faster. Plus, we can use it as a selling point to our clients – as we can rapidly resolve their problems because we're using AI.
    iPower Technologies
  • The 2% reduction in cost of goods sold that CrushBank has enabled, will directly translate to Thrive’s enterprise value.
  • We trust CrushBank’s SmartClassifier for our ticket classification, at both the beginning and end of ticket resolution. In fact, our Dispatch team no longer does any classification tasks themselves, as CrushBank takes care of it automatically. This has created direct time savings for us.
    Covenant Technology Solutions