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CrushBank CTO David Tan to Present at VISION 2020 Conference

At the event, Tan will present “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:
Pathways for Growing Your Business Without Growing Your Staff” to members of The 20 and will also participate in a panel discussion entitled “Making the Jump to AI”


Syosset, NY – Sept 29, 2020 – CrushBank, developers of an artificial intelligence (AI) solution purpose-built to provide answers used in IT support, today announced that CrushBank CTO David Tan will present at VISION 2020. The conference, hosted by an elite consortium of managed service providers (MSPs) known as The 20, is being held Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2020. The event features three days of compelling speakers, educational sessions, and networking for MSPs and other IT service providers focused on business best practices, thought leadership and growth.

On Friday, Oct. 2 at 10:25 a.m. CDT, Tan will share a business-focused presentation, “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Pathways for Growing Your Business Without Growing Your Staff,” exclusively with members of The 20. For the featured presentation, scheduled during a private half-day session, Tan will explain how leading-edge organizations are leveraging artificial intelligence to increase profit margins by giving employees what they want most: better, faster, more reliable access to the data and documents they need to solve more problems.

“In a typical organization, employees spend as much as 50% of their time searching for information before they can even begin trying to solve problems,” Tan said, describing the pervasive, fundamental problem addressed in his presentation. “What if the time lost by engineers could be recovered and put to use helping more customers and closing more tickets?”

On Thursday, Oct. 1 at 9:45 a.m. CDT, Tan will participate in an MSP panel discussion, “Making the Jump to AI.” The panel is a public session open to all registrants of the event. CrushBank is also hosting a “virtual booth,” with a video tour being shared at the conference. CrushBank collateral relating to the value and power of machine learning and AI will be available to online booth visitors.

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Born from the frustration over inefficiencies in operating a managed IT service business, CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM. Founded by two veteran MSP owners with more than 25 years of experience, CrushBank uses “cognition,” the process of acquiring knowledge, to think, learn and inform decisions in the same way engineers and support teams do. CrushBank combines best-practice documentation with a firm’s proprietary content and historical ticket information to provide invaluable insight. The system ingests large volumes of unstructured data, reads and understands it, and uses machine learning to find the right answers to questions instantly. Simply put, CrushBank streamlines help-desk operations resulting in fewer escalations to Level 2 and above. Your help-desk engineers see an increase in productivity and their end users experience increased satisfaction with more intimate first-call resolutions. For more information, visit

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