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CrushBank Debuts Insight Just in Time for IT Nation Connect; Exclusive Artificial Intelligence Delivers Support Metrics by Actual Root Cause

At the event, CrushBank experts will be available to discuss Insight, which ingests entire support data sets, classifies them precisely and generates objective metrics for meaningful classification  


Syosset, NY – November 05, 2020 – The creators of CrushBank, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that leverages the power of IBM Watson and Natural Language Processing to provide answers used in IT support, have released a revolutionary new offering, CrushBank Insight. After ingesting a client’s entire interactive data set (tickets, time entries and more), Insight classifies each datapoint by key concept (root cause) and by customer and engineering sentiment (client satisfaction). The resulting dataset supports creation of objective metrics for customer success and trends — as well as classification by true root cause rather than by initial client or triage “best guess.”

Insight Screen CaptureInsight’s debut was timed to align with IT Nation Connect, slated for November 10-12, 2020. David Tan, CTO of CrushBank, is speaking at the event, where he will explore the future of AI and the growing imperative for structured access to unstructured data. He and other CrushBank experts will also be available via the firm’s “virtual booth” to discuss the development of CrushBank and Insight, as well as how the firm and its AI-powered solutions help IT firms dramatically boost the success metrics — and output — of their support teams.

“IT experts have long envisioned a ‘perfect world’ where every MSP could gather historical data — documents, interactions, names, faces and more — into a single resource and use technology to analyze that pool of data, finding and making connections to create a structured web of knowledge,” said Tan. “This world is here, now, and CrushBank Insight is a key piece of this solution. With any other tool, businesses would remain trapped in the endless cycle of ‘guess-resolve-repair,’ with their IT departments engaged in perennial firefighting. With CrushBank Insight, IT teams gain meaningful historical insights, backed by actual data, that replace conjecture with educated decision making.”

Insight can analyze customer sentiment by any filtered resource (engineer, customer, technology, region, etc.) and, in a matter of seconds, create functional reports to drive internal decision making. It informs and streamlines customer road maps that would otherwise take hours to compose — and would still be only as good as the data classification produced by a triage resource.

Through extensive research and interviews, CrushBank found that most IT engineers spend 50% of their time looking for answers to common support questions including system specifications and historical ticketing information. CrushBank also determined that 80% of those answers can’t be found — even when they are in the database — because it hasn’t been properly indexed.

“Our guiding principle has always been that superior business intelligence begins with great data, and the information that makes a company uniquely valuable to a customer is right there within these datasets,” said Tan. “With Insight, we now can provide rich, solution-driven understanding based on the greatest possible pool of input, enabling companies to unlock their data and reap maximum value for themselves and the customer.”

About CrushBank

Born from the frustration over inefficiencies in operating a managed IT service business, CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM. Founded by two veteran MSP owners with more than 25 years of experience, CrushBank uses “cognition,” the process of acquiring knowledge, to think, learn and inform decisions in the same way engineers and support teams do. CrushBank combines best-practice documentation with a firm’s proprietary content and historical ticket information to provide invaluable insight. The system ingests large volumes of unstructured data, reads and understands it, and uses machine learning to find the right answers to questions instantly. Simply put, CrushBank streamlines help-desk operations resulting in fewer escalations to Level 2 and above. Your help-desk engineers see an increase in productivity and their end-users experience increased satisfaction with more intimate first-call resolutions. For more information, visit

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