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CrushBank, the Natural-Language AI Solution for IT Help Desks, Reaches 500,000 Query Milestone

Processing half a million queries since general availability underscores
the performance built into this IBM Watson-powered, problem-solving solution.


Syosset, NY – October 29, 2020 – CrushBank, developers of an artificial intelligence (AI) solution purpose-built to provide answers used in IT support, today announced its Ask module has reached a major usage milestone, providing answers to more than 500,000 queries. Achieving this level of usage since general availability highlights not only CrushBank’s broad user acceptance but also its high-performance capabilities.

The revolutionary product, which accurately answers natural-language-query questions in seconds, has become a go-to resource for IT help desk engineers to pose questions about hardware, software, business data and more.

“We analyzed our 500,000 query database and found that 20% of individuals are searching specifically for information on equipment, i.e. computers, printers, etc., and nearly 9% were seeking contact or CRM information,” said CrushBank CTO David Tan. “We perform these analyses regularly to help us determine future enhancements that better serve our clients and their staffs.”

Born of a service-ticketing solution developed by two IT managed services experts, CrushBank is the first IT Help Desk application built on Watson, IBM’s breakthrough cognitive technology. CrushBank’s developers are working on numerous modules, including not only Ask but also Insight and Resolve. Once Insight is integrated with Ask in the next months, the solution will be able to share anonymized top issues from as many as 10 million support tickets.

“We are very pleased with all the modules we developed, but Ask is perhaps our greatest achievement,” said Tan. “It interacts so seamlessly and quickly with the underlying CrushBank database that users perceive no delay in obtaining the answers they need to maintain productive operation.”

About CrushBank

Born from the frustration over inefficiencies in operating a managed IT service business, CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM. Founded by two veteran MSP owners with more than 25 years of experience, CrushBank uses “cognition,” the process of acquiring knowledge, to think, learn and inform decisions in the same way engineers and support teams do. CrushBank combines best-practice documentation with a firm’s proprietary content and historical ticket information to provide invaluable insight. The system ingests large volumes of unstructured data, reads and understands it, and uses machine learning to find the right answers to questions instantly. Simply put, CrushBank streamlines help-desk operations resulting in fewer escalations to Level 2 and above. Your help-desk engineers see an increase in productivity and their end users experience increased satisfaction with more intimate first-call resolutions. For more information, visit

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