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New CrushBank Features Tackle Biggest Pain Points for MSPs

The leading AI engine for IT Services, data structuring and optimization will be announcing new, turnkey features at IT Nation London this March 20-23, 2023.

Syosset, NY, Feb 16th, 2023.  As the global talent shortage continues, with turnover of 30% and salaries increasing by 20%, more businesses are turning to MSPs for staff augmentation to alleviate the strain on their internal IT departments. With this comes a surfeit of additional challenges for MSPs themselves, from managing customer accounts, tracking customer interactions, optimizing speed to resolution, productivity, and customer satisfaction, as well as increasing ramp up time for new IT support hires.

Attendees of IT Nation London, happening March 20-23, 2023 at the Royal Lancaster London Hotel, can look forward to experiencing CrushBank’s transformative AI engine and its game-changing new features firsthand in the Solutions Pavilion. And hear CrushBank CTO, David Tan, explain on stage how AI can help MSPs in an inflation-driven economy.

CrushBank, the leader in AI technology for the IT support industry, has developed new features to help MSPs address these crucial pain points by injecting AI and Machine Learning to transform their existing systems.

When it comes to IT support and help desk management, speed to resolution, consistent service delivery and a well-behaved support process is the key to client retention.  Access to organizational and client data is crucial for client satisfaction. Whether it’s bringing order to unclassified, unstructured data or building a custom database that grows and adapts to customers’ ever-changing needs and priorities, CrushBank allows support technicians to quickly access relevant service tickets, configs, KB articles and technical content in order to resolve tickets quickly and consistently.

The holy grail of client retention is to retain intimacy by knowing their systems, infrastructure and user issues. The client wants to submit a ticket and have the issue resolved quickly and consistently by any tech that is assigned.  CrushBank turns your data to gold.

By delivering all relevant information and documentation to support techs, CrushBank enables clients to unlock the full potential of their data, increasing productivity, reducing time to resolution, and improving customer satisfaction.

CrushBank is announcing a new self-service enablement feature called Answer that creates workflows to allow applicable client-initiated tickets to be resolved by providing step-by-step answers to them, rather than being added to the ticket load and costs. These types of issues can be resolved by designating client-facing content that will be automatically sent to the client without the need for support tech intervention. This feature is the first step towards client automation.

As remote work continues to rise and more organizations make the shift to cloud-based environments, MSPs have a prime opportunity to deliver competitive cloud-based management, collaboration, and productivity services. CrushBank’s powerful suite of AI-driven capabilities delivers unmatched automation and insight, allowing MSPs to go faster and do more.

CrushBank is the leader in AI, machine learning and system integration for the IT support market.

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CrushBank Technology Inc. has built an AI engine and machine learning model to transform IT support. It provides data to enabling faster resolutions, fewer escalations, and unparalleled analytics.  CrushBank unlocks proprietary and previously unsearchable content to provide invaluable support information and then uses that same technology to help categorize and classify client interactions for improved decision-making. CrushBank makes it easier to collect data, identify missing information to continually bolster a support team’s corpus of information.  Founded by industry leaders, CrushBank searches and categorizes more than 15 million pieces of information every day for our customers. For more information, visit

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